Our Customers

Testimonials from our customers.
Scott Haymore

President at Etrafficers, Inc.
Arthaus' team of developers are by far the most exceptional, accessible and professional that I have encountered in well over three years. Their code is efficient and fast. By working with them on many projects over the last year, I can say that any product that they create will impress and please you. Their communication is excellent! They ALWAYS deliver on time and on or under budget. Even though they are 8 hours ahead of me, they consistently stay late or come in early to accommodate my needs. Never once have I been disappointed by them. Whether I need a small addition to an existing project or a large project completed by a certain time, they ALWAYS come through for me. And if that wasn't enough, they thoroughly test all of their work. When they complete a project, you can be assured that it will work flawlessly. They are so unbelievably amazing that it is hard to comprehend even after working with them for over a year.

Giancarlo Gonzalez

Partner MA Web Group, Inc.
The biggest challenge for our company was finding quality programmers that would allow us to move big software development projects forward at a steady pace. We outsourced work to numerous companies all over the world, and struck gold with Arthaus. Not only are they efficient, they have been able to do everything we've asked from them! They are our team of software developers, our programmers, our staff and most of all, our friends. We enjoy doing business with the Arthaus team!

Bryant Nielson

Managing Director at ITS FX INC.
Without a doubt, the team at Arthaus is WORLD CLASS. Their skills are so SUPERIOR to other developers that it is simply stupid to consider others. I have done more than a dozen projects with them and will continue to work with them for the foreseeable future. Take my continued use of their skills as my personal endorsement as to their abilities and skills. Aside from their capable skill set, they are also the most pleasant development group to work with. They are committed to delivery of a superior product and will go far above and beyond to insure that they deliver only the best code. I have not had any experience with any other developer team that has consistently exceeded expectation...THESE GUYS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST! The code they deliver is always extremely clean and fast. Anyone who wants to have the finest code written should forget all other companies and give your projects to these guys. Beyond my expectations! They are awesome.

David Spaulding

CMM/TQM Program Manager II at STMicroelectronics, Inc.
Arthaus has successfully worked with us since early 1999. Arthaus consistently meets the technical needs of the many projects we send their way, whether developing a new tool or making modifications to existing code. The offshore Arthaus team does a great job handling tasks and making on-time, on-spec deliveries, at a very reasonable price. Having their own local based project manager proved invaluable to project success and requirements definition and approval.Their designs and implementations were consistently on schedule and of high quality. Most or all modifications needed after their initial delivery of sourcecode were due to incomplete or missing requirements. All modifications were made promptly. Issues related to working remotely were solved to our satisfaction and in a timely manner. The work that Arthaus has done for us has been very cost-effective and I would not hesitate to use them for future projects.

Svetoslav Milev

Web Support at K&K
K&K is one of the greatest consumer electronic products distributors on the Balkans. The expansion of our business obliged us to improve our services and make them easily available. The only solution was to find professional who would create a web site for us. The task was given to ArtHaus, and they realized the project successfully, in a short period of time. They have proved themselves as trustworthy partners, capable to fulfill each task professionally with in the agreed period of time.

Aaron Pedersen

Director at Digital
We've worked with the team from Arthaus for two years now on a range of projects in classic asp, .net, and php. In addition to greenfields projects, they have also assisted with quite complex changes to our existing web publishing platform. Throughout the time we have found them to be highly competent and responsive. Projects are delivered to budget and on time.